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Job Description: Project Administrator

Job Description

A Project Administrator is a billable professional, who, under the direction of an ArcherPoint or client Project Manager, organizes the necessary project team members and specializes in facilitating project meetings and preparing project status documents.

This position requires great responsibility and proper time management because the job entails the constant monitoring and reporting of all project variables. The PA (Project Administrator) will have frequent formal and informal communication with the project manager, executive sponsor, and all team members. The PA role is a home office based role, with minimal travel, and needs to be available by phone at various hours of the day as dictated by the time zone and demands of the project. The PA must have knowledge of Waterfall as well as agile approaches to project management. The PA reports directly to the Director of Project Office Management.


Project Preparation

  • Scribe. The PA will scribe for business analysis elicitation workshops or for discovery calls as the situation demands.
  • Project Preparation Documents. The PA will format and prepare for distribution the Project Preparation documents


  • Earned Value Calculations. The PA will calculate and document Earned Value figures that will be used on sprint reviews.
  • Sprint Review Preparation. The PA will assist the Project Manager in the preparation of the Sprint Review presentation. The PA will format the presentation, collect additional data for the presentation, and calculate figures as needed.
  • Retrospective Meetings. The PA will participate as a billable team member in the Sprint Retrospective meetings.
  • Daily Stand-ups. As directed by the project manager, the PA will facilitate one or all daily stand-ups during the life cycle of a project and report any impediments back to the team as they arise.
  • Budget vs Actual. The PA will prepare the budget to actual figures with supporting documentation as needed, and notify the project manager of any specific budget concerns as they arise. 
  • Roadmap. The PA will monitor the project roadmap and report to the project manager variances to the plan.


  • Resource Requests. The PA will procure resource assignments for a project, as requested by the Project Manager. The PA will then provide to the ArcherPoint Resource Scheduling Manager documentation that identifies the type of resource, the effort, and the duration needed.
  • Resource Tracking. The PA will track, document, and communicate to the ArcherPoint Resource Scheduling Manager the resources that have been allocated to a project along with the estimated duration of need. The PA will assist the project managers in identifying areas where resources are over /under allocated which would affect the outcome of a project.
  • Resource Time. The PA will track the actual time billed vs the time estimated for each project resource.


  • @RISK Calculations. The PA will use @RISK to calculate and update estimates as directed by the project manager.
  • Estimates. The PA will document and track estimates as well as variances from estimates for the project.

Project Monitoring and Control

  • User Stories. Under the direction of the Project Manager, the PA will track user stories in a sprint and assist the Project Owner in the administrative closure of the user stories.
  • Story Points. The PA will track and document completed story points, which will be used during Earned Value calculations for sprint reviews.
  • Remove Impediments. The PA will assist the project manager in removing impediments to the team's progress.
  • ISV Coordination. The PA will coordinate with ISVs during the life-cycle of a project. The PA may coordinate training for ISV activities or may track ISV activities that impact the time-line of the project.
  • Issues List. The PA will assist the Project Manager in managing the issues list by documenting and tracking issues from the team until the point that the issues are resolved.
  • Risk Administration. The PA will monitor and report risk events or risk impacts in the risk management plan.
  • Burn-up and Burn-down. The PA will monitor the sprint burn-down and burn-up chart and notify the project manager and the project team if chart results deviate from the sprint plan.

Project Closure

  • Archiving of Artifacts. The PA will collect and archive any materials that are the result of a project.
  • Support Transition. The PA may be asked by the Project Manager to facilitate the transition of the project to support. This would include introducing ArcherPoint resources to stakeholders and validating that the process is executing as planned. 

Skills of the Project Administrator


  • Rally. The PA needs to have knowledge of and be proficient in the operation of Rally.
  • Jama Contour. The PA needs to have knowledge of and be proficient in the use of Jama Contour.
  • Microsoft Office. The PA needs to have knowledge of and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, which includes Excel, Word, Lync, and PowerPoint.
  • @RISK. The PA must have a conceptual understanding as to the value of @RISK and have a hands-on knowledge in the use of the product.


  • Elicitation. The PA must be able to elicit information from stakeholders and understand the information as discussed.
  • Document. The PA must be able to clearly and comprehensively document information.
  • Communication. The PA must be able to formally and informally communicate with project stakeholders in the form of presentations, written documents, emails, and meetings.
  • Math. The PA must be able to perform basic math in order to total values and determine percentages of task completion. The math would include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
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