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Valuable, Dependable, Unlimited Support with ArcherPoint 


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Parabolic growth and an outdated enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is a troubling combination. This is what leading packing manufacturer and distributor, the Blower-Dempsay Corporation (BDC) found themselves dealing with just a few years ago. In response, BDC implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their new ERP. While the software proved the correct choice, the implementation proved challenging as they had significant customizations they needed to run their business. Fortunately, BDC had chosen ArcherPoint as their ERP partner. Through ArcherPoint’s Unlimited Support Plan, BDC was able to get help they needed to customize their software exactly how they wanted and truly get the most out of their ERP, positioning their company for continued growth and success.

The Situation

We picked ArcherPoint for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their deep bench of experience. Our relationship with ArcherPoint has been tested and only grown stronger over the years. ArcherPoint is a true business partner.

~Serge Poirier, Blower-Dempsay Corporation, CFO

Finding their new ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, was a fairly easy decision as Dynamics NAV offered everything BDC needed from flexible code (meaning they could customize as needed), to being from a reputable source (it is a Microsoft product after all), to a reasonable cost. 
Selecting their ERP partner proved just as intuitive. BDC knew they needed a partner that would be easy to work with, easy to communicate with, and perhaps most importantly, possessed the willingness, capability, and expertise to implement BDC’s many unique customization needs. BDC selected ArcherPoint because they knew ArcherPoint would be a true business partner and provide the support they needed.
What they did not realize was how important (and comprehensive) that support would be.

The Ah-Ha Moment

Seeing the frustration BDC was having with their NAV implementation, ArcherPoint suggested an Unlimited Support Plan. ArcherPoint knew that the Unlimited Support Plan would save BDC time, money, and effort. BDC
would be able to budget exactly how much their support would cost, and could be assured of guaranteed response times for their support requests. It would encourage BDC employees to call the help desk whenever they had a question and not fear being charged on a per call basis. BDC would be able to learn about their software and strategize with ArcherPoint on how to use their ERP to help their company grow.

The Success

Unlike many other ERP partners, ArcherPoint offers a variety of unlimited support plans that include resolution of functional issues, remote training sessions, and support services that are available 24/7, 365 days per year from professionally-trained Dynamics NAV experts. It was exactly what BDC needed.
ArcherPoint’s Unlimited Support Plan provided the assistance and “safety net” BDC needed to take full advantage of all the software has to offer: it empowered BDC to customize NAV exactly how they needed it for their unique and growing business. Having the plan in place allowed BDC to ask any questions they had as they were encouraged to contact ArcherPoint to learn more about their software. It fostered a supportive, “family-like” working relationship and helped both companies develop trust and confidence in each other. It enabled a successful working environment wherein BDC, with the help of ArcherPoint support, have successfully implemented several ISV/add-ons (e.g., Radius, EDI, and CCH Sales Tax Office).

Our relationship with ArcherPoint has only strengthened over time.
~Michelle Boril, Pak West

BDC feels like having ArcherPoint’s Unlimited Support Plan gives them a competitive advantage. They are no longer worried their growth will be limited by their ERP and their unique business needs. BDC knows ArcherPoint will be there to help ensure success. The Unlimited Support Plan has given them the confidence to plan future improvements including new implementations, add-ons, and upgrades.
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