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David vs. Goliath and David Wins Again! 

How replacing Dynamics AX with Dynamics NAV Helped International Home Decor Company Balance Substantial Growth with Consistent Quality

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What started out as a man with a vision and two looms has grown to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugs, pillows, poufs, and throws with over 350,000 square footage of warehouse space. As their business continues to grow and expand offerings, their inventory management system was not keeping pace. Jaipur Living needed a comprehensive system that would help them manage their growth and ensure they would continue to be the industry leader in consistent quality and cost. What they needed was Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ArcherPoint.

I knew from the beginning I was going to work with ArcherPoint - they are a great company, I've known them for years. I knew I could rely on them to deliver.

~ Ken Taylor, CPA, Jaipur Living

The Situation

Before implementing Dynamics NAV with ArcherPoint, Jaipur Living’s inventory management strategies were challenging at best. Having access to real-time inventory was elusive. They would check the inventory in the morning and then reconcile each night. Transactions would occur throughout the day blindly. Guesswork and inaccuracies were inevitable. Excessive time spent looking for an item, or ensuring the item was really where it was supposed to be, or in the amount it was supposed to be in was a daily occurrence. Time, money, and energy was being wasted on a daily basis. To make matters even worse, the company was in the middle of a move: they were  consolidating warehouses and needed to keep operations going throughout the consolidation. They needed a system that would ensure their inventory numbers were  accurate, reliable, and perhaps most importantly, accessible on a real-time basis.

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ArcherPoint was the solution. Ken Taylor, Jaipur Living’s point person knew NAV and ArcherPoint were the way to go. Mr. Taylor has  extensive experience with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Throughout his career, he has used everything from Great Plains, to Peachtree Accounting, to QuickBooks, and even Navision. He had tried Microsoft’s AX but quickly realized AX was too large, cumbersome, and had excessive layers of complication. He needed a
comprehensive system, but one that was flexible enough to support his company. He immediately thought of Dynamics NAV. Once Dynamics NAV was selected as the ERP for Jaipur, Mr. Taylor knew there was only one partner to go with to help their company implement the software: ArcherPoint. Having been in the industry for quite some time, he knew ArcherPoint and ArcherPoint’s reputation as the Microsoft partner of choice. He knew immediately ArcherPoint was the natural choice for Jaipur.

The Success

Prior to the Dynamics NAV implementation Jaipur Living’s invoicing was done manually either by printing invoices and mailing through the post office or emailing one invoice at a time. Using Dynamics NAV, Jaipur was able to implement barcoding to track their inventory and automate their shipping and receiving processes. These improvements let to tremendous time-savings as well as the ability to reduce staff. The streamlining and automation afforded by Dynamics NAV can be seen in every area of the business perhaps none more so than the warehouse: there are no longer employees wandering up and down aisles searching for items - picking and inventory management is now automated and accurate. They know exactly what is in their inventory at any given time, eliminating guesswork and costly errors. Customer
service has improved dramatically as well since their customers can now count on getting exactly what they want and need from Jaipur when they want and need it.

What's Different About ArcherPoint?
Our clients see their business systems as unique and important to their competitive position. They prefer software and technology to support their business processes, not the other way around. Our clients are looking for a strategic partnership with the company that implements their soft- ware, not just a vendor. They demand the most talented, experienced professionals who understand how to solve their business issues quickly and efficiently. If this describes you, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our people, company and solutions.

As Mr. Taylor commented, “Implementing Dynamics NAV has forced us to review our entire set of processes and improve. It has forced us to change our business for the better.” With the help of ArcherPoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Jaipur Living continues to grow while at the same time reducing their operating expenses. They are able to maintain their world-renown quality and their established place as a leader in the industry. The combination of the right software and the right partner has allowed Jaipur Living to grow the business, expand their offerings, and continue as a leader industry for product quality, sustainability, and artistry.

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ArcherPoint began serving Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) clients in 2002. Today, our team includes experts all over the world, not only in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central solution design, development, and upgrades, but also in accounting, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and other key areas of business. To learn more about how ArcherPoint can help your company succeed, please contact us.


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