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LS Retail Demonstration

Maximize Sales and Reduce Overhead with LS Retail Replenishment

Thursday October 22nd, 1:00 - 1:30pm EDT


Keep the right products moving through your stores and into customers’ shopping carts with a replenishment solution that empowers you to drive your business. LS Retail’s Replenishment solution can help you manage your inventory with a systematic, yet flexible approach to stock replenishment based on store characteristics and customer buying behavior. 

In this demo, we’ll cover: 

How to control warehouse and store information from the Replenishment Data File:

  • Average Usage – information gleaned from sales history, seasonal trends, etc.
  • Planned Sales Demand – manually adjusted to account for promotions, one-time events, etc. 
  • Stock Level – manually adjusted minimum and maximum threshold settings 
  • Like for Like – replace items as they are sold
  • Store Stock Redistribution - algorithm based stock balancing 

How to keep warehouse and store inventory at appropriate levels based on parameters including:

  • Item Distribution – product selection and quantity for each store 
  • Store Group – which store or group of stores should carry each item 
  • Frequency – how often item inventory should be replenished 
  • Control Parameters – parameters associated with each item record through the Replenishment Data File

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About our speakers:

Brad Winslow is a 20+ year consulting veteran with deep strategic and functional knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for retailers, distributors, and NFPs. Brad’s business acumen and keen understanding of technology solutions has helped his clients to reach their goals.  

Thomas Nielsen is renowned as one of the leading experts of retail technology in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. He has worked with hundreds of retailers worldwide as a consultant and implementor of systems to improve workflows, increase revenues, and expand sales channels.

Kayla Magnan grew up in retail and brings modern strategies and insights to businesses. Having worked for LS Retail, the largest provider of retail technology in the Microsoft ecosystem, Kayla provides advice and direction to retailers looking for digital transformation.

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