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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect and streamline the moving parts in your distribution company

ArcherPoint can help you manage every aspect of distribution with a complete suite of components—from forecasting, order entry, and purchasing to warehouse management, inventory control, and EDI—fully integrated with your company’s financials, reporting, and analysis.

Every day, distributors have the challenge of balancing supply with demand. Affected by worldwide manufacturing activity, consumer demand, and competition, distributors must anticipate accurately or risk a warehouse full of excess inventory. At the same time, they must look for opportunities to for new markets and new suppliers (both local and abroad), while working on ways to streamline operations, control costs, and provide good customer service through efficient order fulfillment and service after the sale.

With flexibility and unparalleled access to data you need to make better-informed decisions and run your business more competitively, you can be more precise with replenishment, order processing, lead times, and data analysis and reporting, improving operations, strengthening relationships with your customers, and positively impacting your bottom line.

Features and Functionality For Distributers

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory, realizing the best possible profit while keeping your customers happy, analyze stock profit margins, and effectively manage stock levels based on accurate reporting of demand. Define profit margins and set prices accordingly, drill down on pricing details, monitor stock and inventory levels, and keep abreast of customer needs. Identify and keep successful pricing strategies while weeding out those that aren’t producing the margins you’re looking for. Through management alerts and mobile device access, you get the visibility you need to proactively manage rather than operate in a reactive mode, impacting your profits.


Meet the EDI requirements of your trading partners with high level performance and high transaction volume efficiency, eliminating unnecessary document and transaction fees. Communication components enable easy connection to a VAN mailbox or directly to trading partners. Because data is stored in raw EDI format, you can easily access, analyze, and act on accurate information. Powerful data transformation tools mean extensive EDI functionality, all without extensive customizations to Dynamics NAV.

Order Processing

Run order processing more efficiently and effectively. Fully integrated tools include sales price/discount engine, email invoicing, built-in credit card processing, sales commission management, estimated shipping costs, mobile device support to streamline order processing.

Profitability Analysis

Keep your finger on the pulse of your profit margins with tools to access and analyze marketing, sales, order processing, and financial data to create accurate, reliable forecasts. Look at costs in detail and in real time, by customer, sales order, region, or product, giving you confidence in making business decisions to increase profitability. Uncover every barrier to profitability—identify customers and issues that cost you the most in managing complaints; better manage warehouse inventory through visibility into what moves and what doesn’t; manage audits with full transparency and compliance throughout the organization; ensure sales margins sold and realized are the same; and create reports that show you opportunities for improving operations throughout your business.

Trade Spend Management

Better manage the process of tracking promotions, prices, and discounts, which can be complex and cause heavy losses. You won’t need to be concerned with under-pricing—you can track pricing arrangements for margin security, measure trade spend budgeted, committed, and implemented—and maintain your competitive advantage.

Pricing and Promotions

Get the power and flexibility to manage your pricing and promotions to fit your needs, keeping you from setting prices inaccurately, which can lead to failure of what would otherwise be a successful promotion. Build revenue optimizing pricing strategies using real-time data, accurate reporting of past campaigns, current market conditions, and buyer behavior. Calculate the most revenue-optimizing prices through trend analysis and forecast sales based on actual results. It’s fast and easy to set special pricing parameters using the calculation method of your choice, by key accounts, single or multi-location stores, and more. You can set up promotions for all your customers or tailor promotions by individual customer groups or groups with item exceptions.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Thorough, accurate financial reporting and analysis is critical to making the right business decisions and facilitating growth. With complete, easy access to data and security, you can perform analysis and produce reports that put information into the hands of key stakeholders and tailor analysis and reports to meet their requirements. Analyze past and current operations to determine that are most profitable and make accurate forecasts to determine where to take your company in the future. You can also manage global operations, including handling multi-currency transactions and staying in compliance with global and local government and regulatory entities.

Shipping and Receiving

Effectively manage complex warehouse processes and high volumes with a solution tailored to your business. Gain control of your shipping operation, improving accuracy of shipping forecasts, decreasing missed shipments and improper packaging, and increasing customer satisfaction. Maintain accurate, on-time cross docking, ensure you’re getting the best carrier rates, increase your shipping accuracy through faster communication, and avoid shipping errors and damage during shipping.

Warehouse Management

Simplify receiving and shipping while reducing wasted, lost, and damaged stock by streamlining processes, from order processing to transportation. With accurate, real-time communication, access to data, and detailed reports—either on your desktop or handheld device—you can more effectively determine staff requirements, estimate productivity levels, and visualize wave picking arrangements.

Purchasing and Procurement

Simplify purchasing and procurement with both compliance and purchasing in a single, automated solution, letting you better control costs through improving efficiencies in your purchasing cycle and increasing transparency.

Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment

Not having enough stock in inventory to meet demands can spell disaster, but carrying too much inventory is just as detrimental. Through collaborative forecasting and complete access to historical data, trends, and market conditions, you can confidently forecast inventory demands and tailor your inventory control strategies. Avoid overspending on deliveries with container loading optimization that provides accurate benchmarking data for purchases with suggested order processing helps you avoid inaccurate order analysis.

Extend Your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Software

ArcherPoint works closely with the following proven solution providers to extend the value of your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central software for distribution:

  • Lanham and Associates – supply chain planning and execution for Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Data Masons – an all-in-one EDI solution that fully integrates with Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • SPS Commerce – a comprehensive, on-demand supply chain solution that integrates with Dynamics NAV / Business Central

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative to learn more. 


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