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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solutions 

Manage costs and improve services with greater project visibility 

Professional services companies have the unique problem: Their staff is also their product. Often, this product is intangible, making it difficult to quantify, price, and estimate.

In this industry, efficient staff utilization is critical. Highly skilled, well-paid, employees who are in high demand must be effectively utilized not only because of being in demand, but because they are often needed on several simultaneous assignments. In addition, fluctuations in market demand may require that a company go from underutilized resources to requiring additional staff literally overnight.

Remaining profitable requires accurate estimates of your projects and services, meeting project milestones, and ensuring deliverables meet customer needs and expectations. In short, you must maintain complete visibility throughout all phases of a project in order to track costs and revenue.

ArcherPoint offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Professional Services, providing you with the tools you need to more effectively manage projects and resources throughout the lifecycle of a project, including demand forecasting and project management.

Features and functionality for Professional Services

Project estimation – Quickly estimate projects based on standardized costs from previous projects with similar requirements, qualifications, timeframes, and headcount.

Project status – Automatically track employee timesheets and project milestones, offering a real-time view of a project’s costs, whether a project is running over- or under-budget, and whether the project is meeting key milestones on time.

Identify optimal prospects – Why tie up valuable resources on less profitable assignments? Connect the most profitable prospects with resource availability to optimize demand planning and sales forecasting.

Complete visibility of project costs – Are you aware of ALL the costs in a project? From initial sales visit to final invoice, track all costs, time, and resource allocation to be able to identify profitability of each project and offer guidance to future projects.

Resource allocation – According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, 79% of the Best-in-Class professional service firms had the capability to allocate resources during the proposal phase, ensuring that required resources will be available throughout the project.

  • Track and manage all resources throughout a project’s life to ensure that resource utilization is maximized.
  • Accurately manage labor, inventory, and third-party services to ensure job profitability.
  • Track project costs and revenues from the start of the sales process to final invoice.
  • Obtain complete visibility of project costs compared to estimates and budgets.
  • Allocate resources during the proposal phase.

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your company manage its professional services challenges.