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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail: LS Central

Cloud-based unified commerce solutions that transform retailers and restaurants

Retail ERP in store

Today’s retailers need to be sharp: customers expect a seamless, personalized, unified shopping experience—from anywhere at any time. Channels and geographies are a moving target, changing and expanding every day. Competition is forcing you to look at every single aspect of your business to find ways to reduce costs while differentiating your brand and delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

You need the ability to operate seamlessly, to adapt, to be ready—or even ahead of—the next market shift or demand. That requires technology that doesn’t hold you back but enables you to innovate.

ArcherPoint offers end-to-end solutions that enables all that—from the back office to POS and eCommerce. Cloud-based and mobile-ready, ArcherPoint’s retail solutions help you focus on the elements of success, not on working around your technology.  

With a complete retail solution from ArcherPoint, you can manage your entire business better, from the supply chain through point of sale. LS Retail—integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV)—one of the world’s most popular retail ERP systems—to give you the power to put your unified commerce strategy into action…your way.  

Why LS Central?

LS Central (formerly "LS Nav") is found in more than 74,000 stores, restaurants, airports, and venues around the world.

Built within Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Central delivers end-to-end retail and hospitality management capabilities for growth and profitability for retail, restaurant, and multiple verticals:

One Platform. Transform your patchwork system into one integrated end-to-end platform that’s adaptable, flexible, mobile, scalable, secure, and intelligent—ready for growth and expansion.

Comprehensive. More than a traditional retail management system, LS Retail accommodates true unified commerce.

One Source of Truth, Spanning Your Value Chain. Stop working in a vacuum! LS Central is designed to deliver all the intel and collaborative functions you need to stay customer centered.

A Seamless Customer Experience. Be ready for today’s more sophisticated customer with a holistic experience that’s quick, enjoyable, and easy regardless of touchpoint.

One Partner. You won’t find a better partner for your brand universe, whether you need business analysis, planning & design, configuration & customizationimplementationtraining, or support.

ArcherPoint Retail offers end-to-end solutions for the following industries

Learn why LS Retail is the ERP of choice for over 74,000 retailers worldwide and why retailers choose the ArcherPoint Retail team to help them with their business management needs.

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