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Jet Analytics: Microsoft Dynamics BI and Reporting Tools

Complete Business Intelligence and Reporting tools 

Jet Analytics is a unique system that offers full reporting as well as business intelligence that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Data is pulled from your ERP system and other databases into a data warehouse that is specifically tuned and optimized for reporting and analysis performance. This design was developed to increase the reach of your business intelligence and reporting platform to your entire organization and beyond because it eliminates any need to understand the underlying data structure in order to build sophisticated dashboards, advanced reports, or query all your business information for answers on the fly. Discover trends to capitalize on opportunities to avoid expensive mistakes. Best of all, because the reporting and business intelligence from all of your sources of data comes from a single place, strategic decisions can be made quickly, from one version of the truth, from the same information that is being used to run the organization.

Jet Analytics includes a pre-defined data warehouse and set of OLAP cubes that can be installed and up and running in hours (not days, weeks, or months like traditional BI methods). If you need to expand or customize the predefined warehouse and cubes, the integrated Jet Data Manager will help you.

Jet Data Manager

The Jet Data Manager is a user friendly drag and drop tool that makes customizing the data easy, eliminating the need for writing complicated lines of SQL code. You can decide how your users want to see information, adjust the terminology, and add new information up to 10x faster than traditional, manual BI methods. Features include:

  • Six pre-defined OLAP cubes designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics databases. These cubes include a comprehensive set of dimensions and measures to provide lightning fast and flexible views of a Data Warehouse that is created specifically for reporting performance. Key information is brought together to make it simple to retrieve all the information you need without having to navigate the native database structure.
  • Report and Dashboard Templates allow you to gain valuable insight into your company immediately.
  • Little or No Training Required as the intuitive drag-and-drop interface inside Excel allows you to visually manipulate data to see the information as you desire.
  • Immediate Return on Investment as you can implement in hours and gain valuable insight into your business from day one.


Business Intelligence and Reporting in One Tool 

Jet Analytics complements Jet Reports to provide a complete solution to your business information needs:

  • Strategic and tactical ad hoc analyses
  • Organizational dashboards
  • Reports can be automatically distributed on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Collaborative online sharing and publishing portal


Jet Analytics offers:

  • Complete Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Fully Configurable Security
  • Unlimited Database Size
  • Highest Level of Performance

Download the Jet Analytics infographic Accelerate you Business Intelligence (BI) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how Jet Analytics can help your company improve its business intelligence and reporting.

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