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Jet Express: impfactful reporting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Excel

Jet Express is a reporting tool that offers fast, easy reporting options for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users. An extension included within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software, this tool provides a simple way to create basic, yet impactful reports,ad-hoc analysis, and business queries inside an application most people already know well, Microsoft Excel.  

Not requiring any advanced programming skills, or additional development work, one can pull data directly into Excel from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. The functionality set is focused and limited to a few key elements. This narrow functionality allows users to take advantage of significant Excel integration, with a very low learning curve for getting started. Set up and use happens in hours, not days.

Benefits of using Jet Express include:

Financial and Budget Reporting functionality: The “G/L” function provides financial and budget information directly in Excel in any format that makes sense for your business. With only a few simple steps, you can have budgeted and actual amounts for any range of accounts and dates, as well as summaries across companies all of which can be formatted to fit your business.

Operational Reporting functionality: The Table Builder was designed with many of the same look and feel elements that Dynamics NAV 2009 users are familiar with from the report request panel. The drag and drop interface simplifies report building by using the familiar functions in Dynamics NAV and allows for easy report creation using Excel features such as pivot tables, charts, and slicers. The tool just looks and feels familiar.

Is Jet Express right for your business?

The Jet Suite of Products offers a plethora of options to help your business be able to truly understand your data, and how to make intelligent business decisions based on that data. Determining what product is best for your business is the first step. Understanding more of the features and functionality of Jet Express can help you decide if the Express version is the right fit for your business: 

  • NAV 2009 RTC – Jet Express is available as part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for all users that are current on their business ready enhancement plan (BREP).
  • Centralized Data – Jet Express is limited to a single NAV 2009 database, and is well suited for reporting from that source, but is not capable of supporting data retrieval from other sources.
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis – Users that do not have the skills or time necessary to create reports in NAV 2009 can now have the ability to create their own reports in Excel.
  • Low Learning Curve – Users can typically get started in just a few minutes.
  • Pre-built Reports – Like all of the offerings in the Jet Suite of Products, Jet Express offers a suite of downloadable, easy-to-modify, ready-to-go, pre-built reports. From financial statements and sales queries, to inventory counts and AP details, the fastest way to success with Jet Express is using the pre-built report library with the Report Player.

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how Jet Express can help your company improve its business intelligence and reporting.

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