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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Multi-Site and International Organizations

Multi-site and international organizations (MIOs) face unique challenges when choosing and deploying a business management solution. Integrating the IT systems of all locations is critical for effectively sharing information, supporting common needs, and functioning successfully as one entity. However, individual sites typically don't require the same level of complexity in their business management solution as the parent company and might not have the resources to acquire and maintain a system designed for a larger company.

The ideal solution for the MIO business model is a strong core platform and solution that has the flexibility to meet the needs of the parent company and its local sites. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) readily integrates with the parent company’s system while meeting the unique needs of different sites, regardless of size, location, or type of business.

When evaluating an MIO solution, consider these important criteria:

Complexity. The solution that is best for the parent company is often too big, complex, cumbersome, and costly for its sites, and it might not address the local requirements or specific business needs of local sites. Microsoft Dynamics NAV meets these needs without requiring a large IT staff or extensive user training.

Specialization. Sites with specialized functions have key industry requirements that might differ widely from those of other sites and the parent company. Dynamics NAV is easily customized to fit specific business requirements.

Locations. Local sites need a solution that meets local regulatory and market requirements as well as industry- and location-specific practices for bookkeeping, reports, and financial statements. With more than 40 localized versions that include multicurrency and multi-language capabilities, Dynamics NAV adapts to local legislative and market requirements.

Flexibility.  MIOs must strike a balance between deploying worldwide standardization and allowing customizations to support business procedures at the local site level. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to customize and configure and can scale to support changing needs as your company grows.

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