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agilesWorkflow – Easy, flexible workflow automation

Extend Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage, simplify, and automate your company’s processes with agilesWorkflow. 

agilesWorkflow offers you:

  • visibility into your company’s processes
  • accountability and guidance for every stakeholder
  • more control over your business processes

agilesWorkflow lets you set up your own business processes to handle critical workflows unique to your company by documenting all the steps and departments involved in such diverse workflows as:

  • bringing on a new hire
  • taking and shipping new orders
  • end of month / year workflows
  • sales order entry
  • purchase order approval
  • new vendor approval
  • and many other applications

How agilesWorkflow works

When a specific event occurs that would normally start a new workflow – a new customer signs on, a new employee is hired, a customer wants to return an item – agilesWorkflow automatically triggers the appropriate steps to be taken by all stakeholders at the appropriate times and prompts them for any actions they are required to take.  Based on the user’s role, they are seeing only what they need to see and know exactly what they need to do – all integrated within your Dynamics NAV solution.

Visibility and accountability

agilesWorkflow gives managers visibility into their organization’s processes, answering such questions as:

  • Why are so many products shipping late?
  • Why aren’t the appropriate forms accompanying this order?
  • Why hasn’t this payment been approved?

Each workflow has specific tasks assigned to the responsible parties to ensure that a consistent workflow is followed each time.  Moreover, the stakeholders are made aware of their responsibilities and are prompted on what actions they need to take.

Managers can now see where processes within their organizations break down or are delayed, what work has been completed and what work is still outstanding. 

And employees can now follow a consistent workflow and take responsibility for their part of every action the company needs to take.  agilesWorkflow provides them with instructions for each task they must perform, along with assigning the priority of each task.


agilesWorkflow was designed to handle every type of workflow – from simple to complex – including conditional logic (if…then… scenarios), decision points, and processes that must take place in tandem.  And workflows can be specifically assigned by the user’s role within Dynamics NAV. 

Easy to learn, easy to use

Since agilesWorkflow leverages the capabilities already built into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is both easy to implement and customize – no complex interfacing is necessary.  Workflows can be easily defined, changed, and adapted for your industry as you implement them in your Dynamics NAV solution, without having to continually call on your partner every time you need to change your workflow.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, trusted by over 10,000 users worldwide, find out more about agilesWorkflow at

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how agilesWorkflow can help your company create workflows within your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution that are tailored to your team roles and customized for your industry.



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