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ChargeLogic - Easy, secure, reliable PCI-Compliance

ChargeLogic provides PCI-compliant electronic payment processing software that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. ChargeLogic helps businesses easily and securely process payments via credit card, debit card, gift card, EBT, and checks.

ChargeLogic Payments

ChargeLogic Payments makes electronic payment processing easy, secure, and reliable.

Easy – Your payment processing workflow is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so authorizations and fund captures occur automatically at the appropriate time in the order / ship / invoice cycle.

Secure – ChageLogic is PCI compliant, so sensitive customer information is encrypted – yet recently used credit cards are still accessible for easy reference. ChargeLogic Payments offers Address Verification, Card Verification, and a full Fraud Protection Suite to identify high-risk transactions before an order ships.

Reliable – ChargeLogic connects directly with all major payment processors in the United States and Canada. This single point connection reduces transaction time at the point-of-sale because there is no third-party software or gateway.  

ChargeLogic Connect

ChargeLogic Connect offers a secure, PCI-compliant gateway for real-time ecommerce solutions and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV so credit card data is transported from the web into NAV in a PCI-compliant process.   

ChargeLogic Connect offers five choices: Hosted Payments and ChargeLogic Checkout, Hosted Orders, Gift Cards, Secure Remote Storage, and Click-to-Pay Invoicing.

ChargeLogic Connect Checkout – is a hosted payment option that removes the hassle of PCI compliance from ecommerce sites.

ChargeLogic Connect Hosted Orders – securely holds orders on the ecommerce site and periodically sends both payment and order detail information when polled by NAV.

ChargeLogic Connect Gift Cards – allow merchants to issue, redeem, and perform balance inquiries on their own custom gift cards, updated in real-time, eliminating possible fraud and theft in multi-store and multi-channel environments.

ChargeLogic Connect Secure Remote Storage – offers retailers all the PCI-compliance benefits of tokenization without the per-transaction fees, downgrades, or lock-ins associated with third-party providers.

ChargeLogic Click-to-Pay Invoicing – combines electronic invoicing and online electronic payments to generate an invoice from within NAV as a PDF, email the invoice to the client, and provide a way for the client to complete the payment and receive a receipt via email.

ChargeLogic and LS Retail

ChargeLogic fully integrates with LS Retail, giving all PCI-compliance at the point of sale and beyond.

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