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Data Masons Vantage Point EDI

An all-in-one EDI solution fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Vantage Point EDI is a powerful processing platform that provides users with the ability to meet EDI requirements and achieve compliance in a simple and cost effective integration with Dynamics NAV. Vantage Point is a scalable, multi-user solution that provides high level performance and high transaction volume efficiency, eliminating unnecessary document and transaction fees. Communication components enable easy connection to a VAN mailbox or directly to trading partners. Built on Microsoft SQL Server using .NET development tools, data is stored in raw EDI format allowing virtually unlimited access to information. Powerful data transformation tools mean extensive EDI functionality – all without extensive customizations to your ERP.

Vantage Point EDI offers a comprehensive suite of EDI solutions, including:

  • Vantage Point EDI Scheduler
  • Purchase Orders 
  • Invoices
  • Advanced Ship Notice - ASN
  • Planning Schedule - Planning Schedule Release
  • Supply Chain EDI - Supplier Facing
  • Remote Warehouse Integration
  • Transportation Management System
  • P.O. Acknowledgement System
  • Product Activity
  • Product Catalog
  • VAN Service
  • Universal Data Translator

Solutions for industry

Vantage Point EDI offers integrated EDI solutions for the following industries:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Hardlines
  • Automotive
  • Fresh Produce/Food
  • Growers
  • FDA Regulated Pharma & Drug
  • General Industrial
  • Fulfillment and Third Party Logistics Providers

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