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Elmo Solutions – Agni Link CAD-ERP Data Integration

Established in 1979, Elmo Solutions is the leader in CAD/PDM/PLM-to-ERP integration, with customers and users in 50 countries.

Their Agni Link CAD-ERP Data Integration System allows manufacturers with an ETO process to reduce engineering costs by up to 20%, while improving product quality and lead time. Agni Link processes parts and component data as well as bills of materials and routing schedules.

Agni Link has a five step process to tackle CAD-ERP data integration:

  1. Get existing CAD and ERP data from their respective databases
  2. Automatically resolve discrepancies between CAD and ERP data
  3. Allowing the CAD user to edit the data, always validating it in real time against the ERP data
  4. Automatically creating the required CAD and ERP data objects, if required
  5. Simultaneously updating CAD and ERP data

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