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Mergetool – Complete role tailored security across the enterprise focuses on delivering products, tools, and services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Mergetool’s flagship products provide security across the enterprise, giving users access to information critical to the performance of their work, but denying them the ability to change or view sensitive company data, allowing companies to have complete control over the Role Tailored environment.

Field Level, Actions, and Data Security (FLADS)

When regular security based on data and objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is not enough, Field Level, Actions and Data Security can add extra capabilities like hiding fields, making actions impossible to click or showing only some records based on filters.  Field Level security allows companies to quickly and easily administer users access to data and actions that they need to perform their work, but denies access to edit or view critical data that is not required by their job functions.  For example, FLADS can be easily configured to allow a user or a group of users to view customer card records for shipping and delivery information, but not allow them to edit the fields, while other sensitive information, such as the customer’s credit limit, can be completely hidden from their view.

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NAV Easy Security – Roles and Logins

Easy Security makes it easy to set up roles and permissions for multiple users across multiple companies – saving you time, money, and resources when setting up security for Dynamics NAV.  Easy Security works in both Role Tailored and Classic Client and does not require modifications or object merges to the NAV installation.

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Mergetool supports both source code Compare and Merge development with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).  Mergetool facilitates the merge of many changes with little user interaction.  The tool also functions as an object level source code analyzer, giving a complete list of object parameters, global variables, and local variables where the object is used.  Other features include performing batch processing, locating unused variables, and comparing and logging multiple lines of modified code to find and log the changes.

Mergetool was originally designed to support source code compare and merge within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through the years, however, many other tools have been added. All the source code in the Mergetool is available for C/SIDE developers to modify, allowing you to build reports and extended features in the same way you would customize NAV for a client. Some of the tools available with Mergetool include:

  • Compare and Log
  • Merge of NAV Source Code
  • Source Code Analyzer
  • Object Explorer
  • Translation
  • Online Help
  • NAV 2009 Transformation
  • Create Captions and Text

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Training Services

Helping partners and customers become more efficient with development is the main focus for the services delivered by, including the following training resources:

RTC Bootcamp – Move an ISV product or customer solution from Classic to RoleTailored Client in a week

ISV Release Bootcamp – Prepare your product for release with text constants, unused variables, code standards and clean-up, version list, change log, easy to implement etc.

C/SIDE Training – Beginner, Advanced, WEB-Services or custom classes depending on your company’s needs

Mergetool Training – Online and classroom

Online Lunch & Learn sessions – Including WEB-Services, Mergetool, Online Help, Translation, 2009 Transformation, Excel integration, and other topics

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