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Sana Commerce Software – e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics

Sana is passionate about helping businesses all over the world to grow online. How? Through 100% seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365.

Their integrated e-commerce solutions leverage existing business logic and data in powerful, user-friendly web stores. This allows you to focus on improving your online customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing online sales volume and frequency. For more information download the factsheet with the solution highlights of Sana Commerce 9.2 for Dynamics NAV.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Give your customers 24/7 access to everything they need to make smart, informed purchases at their convenience. An integrated online sales portal allows your clients to view product information and stock availability, access their complete online and offline order history, and much more.  

Streamline Sales Processes

Orders placed in a Sana web store are instantly available in your ERP for you to pick, pack and ship. Sana’s integrated e-commerce platform also leverages the product data stored in your ERP system so your web store can display related products your clients might not know about yet. These are just a couple of ways that Sana Commerce will help you improve your sales processes.

Increase Sales Volume and Frequency

Reach your clients all around the world with a professionally designed web store that features their own language, currency and account details. Keep your clients coming back to you by offering them the ease of 24/7 online shopping and access to their own orders, shipping status and more. Sana Commerce makes it all possible by leveraging the data in your ERP system.

Sana Commerce is a Certified Partner of Microsoft Dynamics

More than 1,200 web stores around the world have been launched thanks to Sana’s innovative approach and strong partner network. Sana knows how important it is to offer a complete e-commerce solution, and that’s why they also provide additional supplementary services including online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice, hosting and design.

ArcherPoint is a Sana Certified Development Partner and ResellerFind out more about Sana Software’s products and services at

ArcherPoint is a Sana Certified Development Partner and Reseller.

Are you ready to future-proof your business with a powerful web store?

Talk to an ArcherPoint representative about how Sana Software’s Sana Commerce can help your company integrate e-Commerce with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation.