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LS Retail for Hospitality – A complete hospitality solution, from fine dining to carryout

Hospitality retailers face a number of unique challenges in their industry in order to remain competitive and profitable. Menu variety, menu planning, staffing, special ordering needs, recipe preparation, and time of preparation are just a handful of the issues that are encountered daily.

From fine dining to fast food and carryout, hospitality retailers need a flexible and dependable way to manage their costs and meal planning.  LS Retail for Hospitality meets these challenges with a complete solution, applicable to any restaurant or group of restaurants, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

Fine dining

LS Retail for Hospitality includes extensive restaurant management functions for fine dining establishments, including:

  • Flexible Point of Sales (POS) displays
  • Easily transfer orders between tables or sections (bar to dining room)
  • Easily split the bill and print the receipt by guest, quantity, or amount
  • Support for multiple table / section layouts (lunch, dinner, weekends)
  • Real-time display of:
    • Which tables are occupied
    • Wait staff assigned to each table
    • The number of guests at each table
    • Whether food preparation has started for the table’s order
    • An alert if guests are not served within a set amount of time
  • Flexible reservation options
  • Food preparation priority

Casual dining and Fast food

Pubs, bars, fast food restaurants, and drive-thru establishments can take advantage of LS Hospitality’s unique functions for this industry. Restaurants can offer meal combinations, mix and match, and special pricing for adding / deleting toppings, a la carte, and optional items.  The POS system can automatically prompt staff for these options and select optimal pricing.

LS Hospitality also supports handheld devices for order taking and printing receipts in large or outdoor dining areas.

LS Hospitality helps make drive-thru operations simple and fast with easy cashier switching, tender buttons with fixed amounts, and fast order confirmation. 

Take out and call center support

LS Hospitality provides advanced support for delivery and takeout operations. Orders can be placed locally or at a central call center. Address handling automatically assigns the order to a specific restaurant and / or delivery person. Order tracking makes the customer’s previous orders available, forming the basis for the current order. Multiple deliveries to the same area within a specified time window can be grouped and sent out with the same delivery driver.

Meal and recipe planning

LS Hospitality lets caterers and cafeterias plan meals daily or weekly, including ingredient list and preparation instructions. Recipes can include using alternate ingredients, listing preparation time, displaying nutritional information, and modifying prices by excluding or adding items.


LS Hospitality provides extensive reporting, from the transaction level (analyze contents of individual receipts) to the sales history level (daily summary of total sales and stock). In addition, utilizing the Role Tailored Client support in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, managers are able to assign visibility and access to only the data that management and staff require to perform their jobs, based on their roles within the organization.

Looking for an all-in-one retail system with full service features, table and menu management, and Point of Sale capabilities? Learn more about LS Retail for Hospitality today!

Talk to ArcherPoint Retail about how LS Retail can help your company manage its retail, inventory, and POS systems.

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