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LS Retail Inventory Optimizer – Optimize inventory levels, free up working capital

The LS Retail Inventory Optimizer uses demand forecasting and statistical models to allow users to define optimal safety stock levels for individual items, groups of items, or the entire organization. Customers who use the Inventory Optimizer have reported the following benefits:

  • Freed up working capital
  • Lowered inventory levels up to 35%
  • Reduced workload up to 80% through automation
  • Reduced stock-outs by up to 85%
  • Experienced ROI within six months

The Inventory Optimizer includes:

  • Manage by Exceptions – identifies potential problems, such as stock-outs, late deliveries, forecasting errors, and slow movers.
  • Two Dimensional ABC Analyses – lets users set their optimal inventory levels by classifying items into categories simultaneously based on turnover value and units sold.
  • Order Proposals – uses historical sales, inventory levels, and forecasts to provide users to review order proposals before sending it back to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Management Overview – allows managers to review inventory performance, including value of stock, turnover, and turnover ratios based on individual products, groups of products, or store locations.
  • Constrained Orders – maximizes the use of container space based on similar shelf life without breaking volume, weight, or number of pallets – useful when ordering seasonal products or to reach price points.

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