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LS Retail Replenishment – Maximize sales by having the right product mix in the right stores at the right time

Customer retention is difficult when desired items are not available.  Even loyal customers will switch when brands of choice are out of stock at their favorite stores. And retailers try to reduce their inventory overhead and store safety stock, making it more likely that popular items will not be available when customers come in ready to buy – representing lost sales opportunities and increased customer churn.

The LS Retail Replenishment solution provides retailers with a systematic, yet flexible, approach to stock replenishment based on store characteristics and customer buying behavior.

Management can control item replenishment by adjusting warehouse and store information stored in the Replenishment Data File, including items such as:

  • Average Usage – information gleaned from sales history, seasonal trends, etc.
  • Planned Sales Demand – manually adjusted to account for promotions, one-time events, etc.
  • Stock Level – manually adjusted minimum and maximum threshold settings
  • Like for Like – replace items as they are sold

Managers can use LS Retail Replenishment to systematically keep warehouse and store inventory at appropriate levels based on parameters including:

  • Item Distribution – product selection and quantity for each store
  • Store Group – which store or group of stores should carry each item
  • Frequency – how often item inventory should be replenished
  • Control Parameters – parameters associated with each item record through the Replenishment Data File

The Open-to-Buy module lets retailers plan purchases to ensure inventories match demand for that period and that money invested in stock remains within set limits.

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