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Recorded Webinars

How To Get Current and Stay Current on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you’re on Dynamics NAV, you know the time is coming when you’ll need to make the decision to move to Business Central. In this video, we clear up any confusion you might have about your options and give you the information you need to come up with an upgrade path that’s right for your organization. 

Tribe Talks Retail: The Magic of Marketplaces for Omnichannel Retail

Listen in as our retail experts, Kayla Magnan and Thomas Nielsen, share how you can leverage online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, social media platforms, and global loyalty and rebate sites to expand your footprint.


Tribe Talks Retail: Retail Loss Prevention - Reducing the Shrink Through Data, Insights, and Technology

Shrinkage costs the global retail industry over $100 billion annually. Whether the source is employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, or supplier fraud, it impacts your profits and ability to grow. All retailers should have a plan to prevent loss across the spectrum of entry points and leverage technology to combat risks. 


Create Amazing Event & Booking Experiences with LS Activities - LS Retail Integrated Reservation Management Software

Not only do today’s shoppers want safe, predictable retail experiences—but they expect a connected experience with the brands they love. LS Activity is event and reservation management software integrated with LS Central and LS NAV, enabling you to manage bookings, custom shopping experiences, ticketing, space/equipment, and more.

Tribe Talks Retail: Reservations Only - Predictable Shopping Experiences in Retail

Timed shopping reservations allow a controlled and safe experience for consumers at retail stores. Not only do shoppers avoid crowds, they get the feel of an exclusive experience. 

Tribe Talks Retail: How Retailers Can Maximize Profits Through Better Warehouse Operations

65% of the average warehouse’s operating budget consists of labor and approximately 60% of those costs involve order picking. A retailer’s shipping and receiving processes are some of the critical components of warehouse management that significantly impact the bottom line. Listen in as we share insights into maximizing profits through warehouse operational improvements.

LS Retail Replenishment: Maximize Sales and Reduce Overhead

Keeping the right products moving through your stores is more critical than ever. Having the right replenishment tool can help you manage inventory systematically to ensure you have the products your customers want, when they want them. View this recording to see how LS Retail's LS Central Replenishment functionality can help.

Tribe Talks Retail: How Retailers are Adapting Their Supply Chain and Replenishment Strategy

Keeping the right products on shelves and moving into customers’ shopping carts is key for retailers to keep profits high, costs low, and customers loyal and happy. The current changes in customer behavior and the ever-shifting circumstances of the pandemic have thrown a wrench in even the best laid plans. Join our discussion on adapting your strategy for supply chain and replenishment.

Tribe Talks Retail: Five Ways Retail is Preparing For the Next Possible Wave of Shutdowns

Is your retail business ready for the possible next COVID-19 wave? Listen in as we discuss lessons learned and preparing for the future.

LS Retail: Integrated eCommerce - A True Omnichannel Experience with LS eCommerce

The pandemic has caused brick and mortar retailers to change the way they sell in order to respond to shutdowns and shifts in customer behavior. eCommerce sales were one of the fastest growing areas of retail before COVID-19 and have since increased at a faster rate. If you are using LS Retail to manage your stores, then view this video to learn how LS eCommerce can be a key component of your eCommerce strategy.

Tribe Talks Retail: Open Again: How COVID-19 Impacted Retail's Evolution and What You Can Learn From It

As parts of the world reopen, how do retailers decide where to focus for business growth? What lessons did we learn during the shutdowns, and how have we evolved to keep our business intact and on track for future growth? Retailers that managed well adapted quickly to consumer demands and local policy. Now that we are open, what are consumers' expectations and how do we meet them? 

Tribe Talks Retail: Self-Managed Kiosks - Retail's Digital Response to COVID-19

With customers desire for social distance, and retailers need to leverage staff more efficiently than ever, self-managed kiosks have become a key to retails’ digital strategy.  Developments in AI and Natural Language Processing will allow kiosks to become touchless and provide a personalized, hygienic experience for shoppers. How will you incorporate this technology into your retail plan? 

Tribe Talks Retail: Contactless Payments Are Here to Stay

Contactless payments aren't new, but they are expected by consumers now more than ever. Join in as our retail experts talk about the possibilities, and how to offer contactless payment options at your point of sale.

Tribe Talks Retail: Contactless Curbside Pickup - Changing the Way Customers Shop

With COVID-19, customer behavior and expectations have changed. Safety is front and center and customers need retail options that provide secure access, especially when stores are closed or stay-at-home orders are in effect. 

Tribe Talks Retail: Customer Engagement & Brand Loyalty

Drive Business with Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty: Connection is key to building repeat business with customers and extends beyond the in-store experience. Capturing customer data to reward purchasing behavior, understand buyer trends, and communicate your brand purpose is monumental, especially when business needs to shift.  

Tribe Talks Retail: Pivoting to eCommerce - Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

In this session, Kayla Magnan and Thomas Neilsen focus on eCommerce for the omnichannel retailer. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing mean that customers are turning online for their shopping needs. We'll give you tips on creating a more robust eCommerce presence, optimizing your current site to process higher volumes, and options for how to get started if you have no to little online presence.

Tribe Talks Retail: Surviving & Thriving in Retail Today

Listen to the recording of our live Q&A session where our retail experts, Kayla Magnan and Thomas Nielsen, cover the issues of creating safe environments in your stores, pivoting your retail business, enhancing eCommerce for increased sales, and more. 

How To Successfully Deploy a Remote Workforce

Working from home is commonplace for some, but working from home with a house full of people can pose challenges. Take advantage of ArcherPoint lessons learned in this webinar delivered by CEO, Greg Kaupp. Greg talks tools, communication, security, culture, and more to consider for your remote workforce.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Reducing the Time and Complexity of Customer Quote and Order Creation

Creating quotes and orders can be time-consuming and complex—and often leads to errors and unhappy customers. Today’s manufacturers and distributors are leveraging Experlogix CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) to dramatically reduce quote-to-order fulfillment time, improve order accuracy, and dynamically create BOMs and Routings in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Personal Productivity - Strategies and Tools for Thriving in a World of "Too Much"

Personal productivity is no longer a function of squeezing one more unit of output per unit of input, and there is no such thing as time management, only attention management. Are you operating at the highest level you possibly can, and doing so consistently? There are common principles that will help you function optimally in everything you do.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Introducing the Web Client for Dynamics Business Central

If you're a Dynamics NAV user, it’s time for you to see what Dynamics Business Central has to offer! The first difference you’ll see is the interface: The Windows client will be gone in 2020, replaced by the Web Client. View this 30 minute webinar to see the new interface and experience how common functionality and personalize will work in the Web Client.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Engineering Change Management for Manufacturers

Is your company effectively capturing feedback on your products and implementing the improvements that spring from that feedback? If not, you’re missing out on opportunities. View this webinar with To-Increase to learn how you can capture product change requests from every stakeholder within your playing field and connect them to your engineering team, while ensuring those changes are introduced within your organization in a controlled way.

Download a pdf of the slide deck.

Contact ArcherPoint for an in-depth, personalized demonstration.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: New Upgrade Options for Dynamics NAV

You've heard that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now Business Central. But what does this mean to your company in terms of staying current and your future upgrade plans? This webcast will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of the roadmap for Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central
  • Discover how the new Microsoft architecture will help you achieve upgrades with less cost and disruption to your business
  • Learn how to determine what options are available to you using this new architecture

See what it means to get to "base camp" with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Download a pdf of the presentation.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Reporting Options for Dynamics NAV

All businesses rely on accurate reporting, yet most ERP systems don’t have what it takes to get data into a usable, actionable format. Without a solid reporting strategy and tools to back it up, you are missing out on opportunities.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Go Digital with Electronic Document Management

Is your business using too much paper, despite operating in the digital age? Are you missing the cost savings, increased productivity, and improved efficiency? The process of filing and retrieving these documents is costly and time consuming. Electronic Document Management can streamline your paper-based workflow by making sure everyone can easily store files against transactions within Dynamics NAV. Learn about the problems with paper & unstructured network folders and how to overcome them with Zetadocs by Equisys.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization with NAV

Managing inventory is fraught with challenges. Having the information you need to plan, forecast, and optimize your inventory is vital. Having access to that information easily in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be the competitive edge your company needs. Smart IP&O for NAV is a seamless integration of Smart Software’s web-based Inventory Planning and Optimization (IP&O) software and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By seamlessly integrating strategic planning in Smart IP&O with operational execution in Dynamics NAV, business users can continuously predict, respond, and plan their inventory more efficiently in today’s uncertain business environment.

To request a viewing, contact ArcherPoint.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Increase Warehouse Productivity with Outbound Warehouse Request

If you manage a warehouse, you know how stressful it can be to plan and execute warehouse activity. Having a reliable, robust tool to help can make all the difference. A tool like Lanham Outbound Warehouse Request (OWR). Lanham OWR has been the gold standard to plan and execute warehouse activity for NAV Advanced Warehouse configurations and has recently expanded its capabilities.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Greater synchronization with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and Office, expanded machine-learning capabilities, and preconfigured reports, Dynamics NAV 2018 is full of new features and advanced functionality. From platform changes to easier employee ledger entries, Dynamics NAV 2018 brings form and function together in this release. In this webinar, we give an overview of some of the more popular improvements.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: RPM - Everything You Need to Run Your Equipment Rental Business

Just imagine…software that can manage all aspects of your equipment rental business – from equipment tracking to recurring invoicing to fleet asset management to managing advanced rental billing scenarios – this is SuiteEngine RPM. The line “everything you need to run your equipment rental business” is much more than a tag line. SuiteEngine RPM is a comprehensive ERP specifically designed for the rental, sales and service market that is fully embedded within Dynamics NAV.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What Dynamics NAV Users Need to Know about Shop Floor Data Collection

Imagine a world where recording shop floor time is an easy, error-prone process. Well, it can be with a simple add-on for Dynamics NAV. Shop Floor Insight from Insight Works utilizes barcoded production orders to simplify data capture on the shop floor and reduce the errors associated with manual time entry. Employees can quickly record setup and/or run time against production orders, nonproductive time, and maintenance using shared shop terminals or handheld devices.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Making the Case for a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

For some companies, justification in a WMS is a matter of survival. Having the right material available at the right place and at the right time is no longer enough. The new requirements include compliance labeling, floor ready displays, advanced ship notices, postponement, light manufacturing, and collaboration. However, despite all this, many companies are not ready to make the investment in a WMS and do not see the business case for doing so. This webinar will help provide a good foundation for a solid business case for procuring a Warehouse Management System. Presented by HighJump and ArcherPoint.

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Download a pdf of the presentation.
Request HighJump's WMS ROI Calculator.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: WithoutWire WMS Use-it-Free Workshop

Barcoded mobility in receiving, put-away, replenishment, and more. Sound enticing? Consider real-time reporting with Microsoft Power BI embedded dashboarding that works on a Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted system or on premise with your ERP. The features are (almost) endless when it comes to this powerful mobile inventory management system from WithoutWire.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Document Management for Dynamics NAV

Is your business using too much paper, despite operating in the digital age? Are you missing the cost savings, increased productivity and improved efficiency that being paperless offers? Documentation such as Customer POs, Vendor Invoices, Design or Quality Assurance Certificates need to be stored. The process of filing and retrieving these documents is costly and time consuming. Electronic Document Management can streamline your paper-based workflow by making sure everyone can easily store files against the relevant transaction within Dynamics NAV. View this webinar recording to learn about the problems with paper and how to overcome them with Zetadocs by Equisys.

View the recording.
Download the slide deck.
Utilize the ROI calculator.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Start Your Budgeting Season Off Right

Looking for a smarter way to get through budget season? Budget Maestro’s Smart Budget program provides built-in accounting rules and business logic as well as automatically generated balance sheet and cash flow reports. Budget Maestro’s Smart Budget program takes budgeting to a new level. Go far beyond the complexities of Excel and legacy software and see why professionals in a multitude of industries are hooked on this new era of Smart Budgeting. In this 30-minute webinar, we demonstrate Budget Maestro's Smart Budget program.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Digital Workplace Transformation

Are you ready to help usher in a new era of collaboration, as we redefine and re-imagine productivity? New technology and tools will always come and go, but there is a constant factor that we have found in every successful digital workplace: the people. View this hour long webinar where we discuss how to prepare for the future of work, looking at how people and not technology will be a key factor in the next generation of working together.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Shipping Connector: Getting the Most Out of NAV

Wasted time and resources is all too common when it comes to shipping. With so many potential points of failure, having a fast, proven, and cost-effective way to integrate the various shipping vendors with Dynamics NAV can be a game changer. Dynamics NAV Addons' Shipping Connector is an easy to use add-on that can help your company save time and resources, increase shipping speed and accuracy, and eliminate the need to type in shipping addresses manually.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Better Together - CRM and SharePoint

Get your team collaborating and working efficiently by combining the power of SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. Learn how other businesses have combined these tools to provide better document management, stronger portals, and a complete development platform for almost any business application. In this webinar, we review the non-technical aspects of each platform, which one is the better solution for which purpose, and a practical overview of CRM as a development platform to help improve your productivity.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Mastering the Service Management Module in Dynamics NAV

Do you know that the Service Management module within NAV is quite flexible and allows you to track time, materials, and effort for service jobs? The capabilities of Service Management include creating service orders, setting discounts, and establishing a service cadence to name just a few. If you work in a service organization, or in any way deal with equipment (sales, service, distribution), then you will not want to miss this informative webinar. View the recording to see how using the Service Management module within Dynamics NAV can make your life easier and more efficient.

View the webinar.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Dynamics NAV Upgrades: Expectations and Best Practices

My database is too big. I have too many customizations. It will cost too much. We have heard it all. When it comes to upgrades, the misconceptions, myths, and misunderstandings are numerous. However, the truth is, a Dynamics NAV upgrade does not have to be painful. In fact, if done correctly, upgrading NAV can save time, money, and energy in the long run. If you still are not completely convinced that a Dynamics NAV upgrade is the right move, you’ll want to attend this informative webinar. Three of our most experienced NAV upgrade experts will lead a session that will clearly explain what to expect with a NAV upgrade and best practices to ensure your upgrade is a smooth, painless process.

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Download the slide deck.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: A Completely New Way to Use Jet Professional

Jet Professional (formerly known as Jet Essentials) recently released Jet Professional 2017 R2 and it provides a completely new way to use the software. From web-based scheduling, to transactional level drilldown, to a refreshed web portal, you will be amazed at how user-friendly and efficient Jet Professional is now.

This latest release offers a variety of features and functionality to make your reports more impactful, your data more accessible, and your work more efficient. And, the best part, if you are on Jet Professional you already have access to these features.

View the recording.

Read the Jet Reports 2017 R2 Product Enhancement document.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Getting the Most out of Dynamics NAV with A/R & Collections Manager

We teamed up with Dynamics NAV Addons to present this webinar showcasing the add-on, A/R & Collections Manager. Imagine having all partially-paid invoices, customer chargebacks, and unidentified payments immediately transferred to collections rather than waiting for an invoice to become overdue. Or, what if you could cut three days off your average collections time? You’d save a lot of money. In fact, this time savings translates to approximately $80,000 of annual cash flow per million of gross revenue. It is possible!

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in Dynamics NAV 2017?

From easier setup and configuration to ready-to-use financial statements, to embedded Power BI, Dynamics NAV 2017 was designed with you, the end-user in mind. More specifically, a more effective and productive end-user. Dynamics NAV 2017 includes a direct link to Office 365 and a variety of add-ins to make your work more efficient. Now you can navigate seamlessly between Dynamics NAV data and Office tools enabling effortless review, analysis, and sharing of data with colleagues in all parts of your business. You can sync contacts from Office 365 People, create customer invoices from Outlook appointments, and import attachments from emails, all with just a few clicks.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Understanding Packing Rules when Using Lanham E-Ship or EDI ASN

If you are using, or considering using, Lanham E-Ship or EDI ASN integrated with Dynamics NAV, this webinar is for you. It is imperative to understand how your Packing Rules have been set up and how you can change them when needed. In this recorded webinar, we take a deep dive into the setup options for packing rules, covering all options to ensure your process is defined, and trading partners and customer requirements are met consistently.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn with C5 Insight: Rapid Sales Process Design

Many sales professionals have “their way of doing things” and may have seen some success. However, the reality is, to achieve sales success year-over-year and to consistently improve your win rates, you have to have a sales process. One that is designed to be in alignment with your current (and future) customers. If you're ready to increase deal sizes, decrease sales cycle length, and improve overall win rate, it's probably time to map out your sales process. View this one-hour webinar for tips on getting started and what to look out for when designing your sales process.

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Download the workbook.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn with Altec: Go Paperless with DocLink for Dynamics NAV

Does your company need to update outdated business processes? Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to scan and route documents, create alerts, customize forms, or automate workflows? Not even sure where to start? DocLink, the document management and workflow solution for Dynamics NAV, makes it easy. View this webinar recording to see how DocLink can help your business.

View the Recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn with Dynamics NAV Addons: Dimension Management

Dimensions are a wonderfully useful tool within Dynamics NAV. That is, until you make a mistake. Then dimensions can be incredibly frustrating. However, Dynamics NAV Addons has created a tool for all of us mistake-makers: the Dimension Management add-on. With Dimension Management, you can add or change dimensions on either posted transactions or posted documents. This is especially helpful if you forget a dimension or assign the wrong dimension. You can update any transaction with new or updated dimensions without going through the tedious process of reversing the transaction or document, and making a new, corrected one. (35 mins)
View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The Kumbaya of Managing Millennials

Do you manage a millennial? Does a millennial manage you? If not, you will have an overload of millennial exposure soon. Estimates show that by the year 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. In this 30 minute webinar, we walk through the specific characteristics of millennials and non-millennials, how each group perceives the workplace and their common behaviors, to help break down the verbal and non-verbal communication barriers and be more effective as a team.
View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Easy PDF Email & Fax - Getting the Most Out of Dynamics NAV

The webinar will demonstrate how to use Easy PDF from Dynamics NAV Addons to:

  • Save money and paper by sending documents electronically
  • Send professional looking documents using PDF file format
  • Cater to your customers by delivering documents by their preferred method – Email, Fax, or Printed
  • Improve your efficiency by creating, attaching and sending with just one click

View recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Creating a Customer-Centric Company

Listen in as Geoff Ables - speaker, entrepreneur, international thought leader on customer and employee engagement, and author - reveals the principles to achieve exceptional customer experiences in this one-hour webinar.

View recording. 

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Reducing Engineering Costs by Integrating CAD & ERP Data

One of the most expensive aspects of any engineering project is data integration. Elmo Solutions, the leader in ERP-CAD data integration, offers a solution: Agni Link. Agni Link is one of the most advanced CAD-ERP data integration system currently available. As an add-in to AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor, Agni Link offers a unique, reliable, and cost-effective way to integrate CAD/PLM applications with Dynamics NAV (and virtually all ERP systems).

This webinar will walk you through the various features and functionality of Agni Link and how to integrate your CAD and ERP data to save money.

View recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Tips & Tricks When Using 3rd Party Shipping with Lanham E-Ship

We are on the verge of the biggest shipping season of the year. Are you ready? Do you know all your options when you ship via UPS or FedEx? Do you know how to set up email notifications? Or, to ensure you are set for residential or Saturday delivery? We can help.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll walk you through setting up third-party shipping and freight collections, creating an order on-the-fly, ensuring you’ve selected the correct delivery options, and more helpful tips to get the most out of your Lanham E-Ship software. If you are currently using Lanham’s E-Ship software, or are considering making the switch, this webinar is for you.

View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: How to Choose Between Build vs. Buy When it's Time to Replace Your eCommerce 

You know it's time to replace your eCommerce solution, you just don't know where to start. Learn whether you should build or buy your next eCommerce solution. Brought to you by Dynamicweb.

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Download the whitepaper.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Avoiding Landmines by Upgrading Dynamics NAV

We’ve heard them all: you have too many customizations, it’s too difficult to upgrade, things are fine for now. The reality is, if you don’t upgrade Dynamics NAV now, it could be become a crisis situation later. In this webinar, Christian Haynes explains how being proactive with a NAV upgrade will help your company achieve success while avoiding “landmines.” 

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Download the slide deck.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: New Security Features in Dynamics NAV 2016

With NAV 2016 there are several new tools and setup options, each having the potential to make security easier to maintain in the NAV database.  Are you taking advantage of these new features? Learn how to create security User Groups and record permission sets.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The ChargeLogic Payments Three Point Annual Checkup

Are you getting the best rates with your ChargeLogic Payments system? Protecting against fraud? Are your authorizations being processed efficiently? If your answers aren’t a resounding yes, then it may be time to schedule an annual ChargeLogic Payments Checkup. View this 30 minute webinar to learn about downgrades, how to get the best rates, and what we include when performing an annual ChargeLogic checkup for our clients.
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Bank Reconciliations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 & 2016

Did you know that, if your company is running on Dynamics NAV 2015 or 2016, there have been some changes to how bank reconciliations work? 
Even if you’re not on 2015 or 2016, this is a great opportunity to be ahead of the curve when your company upgrades. 
In just 30 minutes you’ll learn about:
• The two methods available for Bank Reconciliations, their differences, and the pros and cons of each
• The settings that control which method is available
• The ability to use the features in each method after you have set up your bank reconciliation process

View recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's the Next Chapter for Your Business? The Books That Have Shaped Ours

Is your organization trying to overcome a hurdle? The one that’s preventing you from getting to the next level? That one issue that, if unresolved, could prevent you from reaching the goals you’re aspiring to achieve? 
We know where you’re coming from because we’ve been there – many times! In fact, this is a recurring theme in any growing business. You figure out a way to run more efficiently or how to get everyone moving in the same direction…and then it happens again: another hurdle.  In this hour long webcast, you’ll hear stories from the front lines and learn how we were able to grow from a three-person firm founded in 2002 to a 100-person, employee-owned, self-funded, professional services company today.   
View the recording.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Succession Planning: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Exit Strategy

Do you have a solid exit strategy? The idea of transferring your equity interests is a serious concern. There are countless succession strategies out there, but how do you decide which is best for you and the future of your business? View this webinar and gain an understanding of how to evaluate your options, weigh the pros and cons of each, and identify the strategy that best aligns with your business and personal goals.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The eCommerce Opportunity and Managing Sales Tax Compliance Nationwide

Learn about trends in eCommerce and the tax changes that could have an impact on your eCommerce strategy, in this webinar.  Whether you sell direct to consumer, or to other businesses, this webinar has something for you.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the latest version of Dynamics NAV, has been released, offering more features that enable you to work in new and better ways. Before upgrading to or implementing NAV 2016, you’ll want to understand how the product differs from previous versions and how the main components of it work. Watch our recorded webinar to learn all about NAV 2016.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The What, Why, and When of SQL Server Health Checks for Dynamics NAV

Is Your Dynamics NAV SQL Server Effective as It Could Be? It’s Time for a Health Check!

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure…which is why you should be performing a health check on your NAV SQL Server on a regular basis. During this webinar, you’ll get the opportunity to see what a SQL Server Health Check can do for you.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Creating an Extraordinary eCommerce Experience with Dynamicweb and Perfion

Why do some companies fail at online selling while others thrive? Because those who thrive understand that, in the impatient world of eCommerce, where your competition is merely a click away, optimizing the customer experience is crucial. View this webinar to understand the value that Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) system and Dynamicweb eCommerce and marketing automation platforms can bring to your Dynamics NAV solution.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Keeping the Physical and Virtual Worlds in Sync with Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

Many organizations struggle with keeping their physical operations in sync with the data in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems. They often rely on paper-based systems for warehouse management and manufacturing simply because they are unaware of a surprisingly simple solution: Barcoding.
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Impove Dynamics NAV Budgeting and Reporting with Solver BI

  • Would you like your reporting solution to be both Excel and web-based?
  • Are there more data sources you would like to report on that seem out of reach? (payroll, legacy systems etc.)
  • Is your budgeting process time-consuming and reliant on static spreadsheets?
  • Would you like to streamline your budgeting process?

If so, watch the webinar by clicking the link below!
View the webinar

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: The Game of Nexus

Many businesses assume that they are only required to collect and file sales and use tax and manage exemption certifications in the state where their business is located. Unfortunately, that assumption usually results in hefty penalties in an audit.

View this webinar to find out whre your unknown tax obligations might be hiding!
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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Business Intelligence On-the-Go

Every company needs business intelligence. But getting to that critical data can be difficult and time consuming. Jet Reports' full business intelligence suite changes all of that. 

View this webinar from ArcherPoint and Jet Reports where we cover everything from how to save time and money with a drag-and-drop data warehouse and cube back-end to making quick business decisions using the front-end dashboards, KPIs, and analytics. 

In just one hour, you will also get an exclusive look at the new Jet Mobile capabilities, allowing you to access your powerful business metrics from anywhere, at any time. 

View the webinar.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Native Controls in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Environment

Those familiar with the technical side of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will tell you how powerful this software truly is—going far beyond an ERP. But even if you’re a programmer, there are certain “native” controls you might not be aware of that can help you avoid having to buy an add-on to get the functionality you want.

View this webinar from ArcherPoint and Fastpath to discover the native controls available in NAV and learn how to deploy them in your environment.

In just under an hour, you’ll come away with an understanding of controls that will benefit Finance, IT, and Audit, such as workflow, end user security, administrative access and other key features available in the latest releases.

View the webinar.

Download the PowerPoint.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Making Sales Tax Simple in Dynamics NAV with Avalara 

ERP systems continue to be the backbone of US companies. They unify growing business processes, offer incredible visibility, and ensure better compliance across business activities. But tax compliance, whether it be sales tax calculations, exemption certificate management, or collection and reporting, still remains a daunting task.

Watch this informational webinar to learn how you can automate this process in Dynamics NAV and:

  • Automate rate table updates for current, accurate tax rates
  • Lower time and cost to manage transactional tax compliance
  • Automatically file and remit to the proper jurisdictions

View the webinar.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New in NAV 2015 - Cash Management!

Smart cash management is the cornerstone to profitability…and NAV 2015 can help get you there.  

With enhancements to the Cash Management feature in NAV 2015, you’ll have the tools you need to manage your cash flow, payments and debt collections more quickly and efficiently. View this 30 minute recording to get a better handle on your cash management, securing your company’s profitability.

View the webinar.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Bar Coding in Dynamics NAV

Bar coding for labor, material, or production is a truly “must-have” technology for most projects involving anything to do with inventory. With today’s technology, there is no reason to be afraid of embracing a barcoding solution, as long as you know what to watch out for.

This session will review available technologies, common problems to watch out for in projects, and what you can expect once you’re live. 

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Download the PowerPoint.

ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's New with Dynamics NAV 2015

In this one hour webinar, we discuss what's new for Dynamics NAV 2015. We highlight new features such as: 

  • Tablet integration

  •  Office 365

  • Document Reporting

  • Bank Integration

 See what all the buzz is about surrounding  the latest release by viewing this webinar. 

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: 8 Ways to INCREASE Your Company's Sales Tax Audit Risk (Hint: keep doing it manually)

Join ArcherPoint and Avalara for this 30-minute webinar and learn the 8 ways you might be unknowingly increasing your company’s audit risk. We’ll cover:

  • The 8 most common sales tax mistakes
  • How to address compliance proactively
  • How to stay up to date on sales tax changes

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Jet Reports and LS Retail: Complete Data Visibility for Your Business

Do you wish you could quickly analyze sales data across multiple store locations, maintain item variant profitability, loss prevention statistics, and more? Do you need to make more informed decisions based on member management information? Join the industry leaders in Retail ERP and Business Intelligence, in a free, recorded, hour long webinar, to learn how you can instantly get any data analysis, to meet your business needs.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Exemption Certificate Best Practices: Reducing Audit Risk

Tight crackdowns by state governments have included greater attention to non-taxed transaction compliance as they increase sales tax compliance audits. This webinar shows how automating the exemption certificate lifecycle within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can save you time and money, as well as improve your staff and customer experiences with non-taxed transaction compliance.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: Assembly Management in Dynamics NAV 2013

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Assembly management lets you create assemblies for stock or on the fly, allowing you visibility into components before they are assembled and when the order is placed.  Learn how to see shortages as units by day and graphically and gain greater insight so you can better meet the needs of your customers.

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ArcherPoint Lunch & Learn: What's the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Reporting?

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to quickly analyze trends and outliers to target actions that will enable you to run your organization more efficiently, and profitably. At the end of this session, you will be able to determine if business intelligence is right for you and right for your business by learning what it truly offers.

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