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Recorded Webinars from Avalara

8 Ways to Increase Your Company's Sales Tax Audit Risk
(Hint: Keep doing sales tax manually)

Handling core business functions, like sales tax compliance, via tax tables, spreadsheets, and xml files requires manually reviewing rate, rule, and boundary changes for each jurisdiction into which taxable sales are made. It also involves an encyclopedic knowledge of product and service taxability, rigorous tracking of state and federal statutory changes, and an expert-level grasp of exemptions, destination-based sourcing, and other sales tax related minutiae. The average cost of this manual compliance? $27,000.

Most companies don’t have these kinds of resources.

Join ArcherPoint and Avalara for a 30-minute webinar and learn the 8 ways you might be unknowingly increasing your company’s audit risk. We cover:

  • The 8 most common sales tax mistakes
  • How to address compliance proactively
  • How to stay up to date on sales tax changes

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Exemption Certificate Best Practices: Reducing Audit Risk

Tight crackdowns by state governments have included greater attention to non-taxed transaction compliance as they increase sales tax compliance audits. View this webinar to learn more about how automating the exemption certificate lifecycle within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can save you time and money as well as improve your staff and customer experiences with non-taxed transaction compliance.

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