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Thriving alongside Amazon - What retailers are doing

Infographic: Digital Scores are UP in the World of Fashion

Many companies in the luxury fashion industry have fallen behind in their adoption of, and success with, digital marketing. But, they are learning. L2inc's L2 Digital IQ Index report is out and shows that the fashion industry as a whole increased their scores this year and no brands dropped into the Feeble category. Results show a new focus on investment strategies that boost digital competence. The full report is a paid report, but the infographic that outlines the winners and losers is free to view. Follow these brands as they go through their journeys, and learn!

Loyalty, Conversion, and Social 

  1. Retailers Misfire in Email Offers, Annoying Their Customers. 
    • According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, retailers are having little success in their email offers. “Nearly 90% of organizations say they are focused on personalizing customer experiences, yet only 40% of shoppers say the information they get from retailers is relevant.”
  2. Ecommerce Conversion Lessons For the Rest of Us. 
  3. Social's Effect on Holiday Shopping is 'GINORMOUS'
    • In the last few weeks, Facebook and Instagram alone generated 369M interactions. Don't be a Scrooge with your marketing efforts--pay attention to social media, and follow the data.

IoT, AI, Privacy, and Retailers 

Retail Systems Research (RSR) provides research for retailers by retailers. They provide insight into business and technology challenges facing the extended retail industry and thought leadership and advice on navigating these challenges for specific companies and the industry at large.

RSR have more data, charts, and reports that don't make it to 'publish', so to ensure that data isn't lost forever, RSR started publishing a behind-the-scenes look into additional reports in a series called Uncharted RSR on LinkedIn. They are only published on LinkedIn so you'll need to follow the company to stay in the know.

Exclusive: Three Things That Didn’t Make It into RSR’s 2017 Internet of Things Report:


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