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multichannel vs omnichannel retail

Questions to Consider when Considering Omnichannel


Four Reasons Omnichannel Retailers Came Out Ahead in the 2016 Holiday Season  

Omnichannel retailers captured the most sales over Thanksgiving weekend, and that trend didn't change over the course of the entire holiday season. To put it simply, omnichannel retailers won big, according to new research from the International Council of Shopping Centers. When given the choice between shopping online from retailers with or without a physical location, consumers overwhelmingly chose to buy from sellers with physical locations.

Being Holiday Ready: Tips for Perfecting the Omnichannel Strategy  

With online and mobile shopping on the rise, consumers have more options than ever to shop when, where, and how they choose. By upgrading omnichannel options like an in-store pickup or same-day delivery, businesses can help customers customize their shopping experience to fit their personal needs during the rush of the holidays. While becoming an omnichannel retailer can seem like a daunting effort, these tips will better position retailers for growth this holiday season.
1. Focus on the customer experience
Developing customer relationships becomes even more important during the holidays. By providing shoppers with customizable and hassle-free omnichannel options, retailers can foster relationships and build loyalty regardless of holiday sales or promotions from competitors.

2. Leverage technology

During the holidays, when stressed shoppers are tempted just to order all their gifts online and skip stores altogether, new technology can marry the convenience of online shopping with an enhanced in-person shopping experience.



3. Walk before you run

Before even considering what your omnichannel strategy might look like, ensure you have a unified, company-wide plan.  By preparing and upgrading omnichannel options with incremental improvements, retailers can provide a better customer experience during the craziness of the holidays.

2017 Holiday Calendar 

Stay on top of all your holiday deadlines with this handy holiday calendar. 

2017 holiday shopping calendar



Study: Retailers Kept Late Holiday Shoppers Happy with Omnichannel Services

Key Takeaway from Study: 

• Omnichannel options allowed retailers to accommodate last-minute shoppers with nearly all (97%) retailers in study delivering orders on their last guaranteed shipping date before Christmas, up from 95% last year, and quite an improvement from the 87% recorded in 2014.

Key Insight from Study:

After looking at 32 retailers, including traditional big boxes, specialty  retailers , and pure-play e-commerce enterprises, all of whom offered free shipping on the orders under the microscope, it became clear that o mnichannel services like in-store pickup were key to pleasing customers. And further, as e-commerce continues to surge, fulfillment systems must keep up.




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