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Business Process Improvement

Ensuring the success of your Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution

Software is only a part of a successful business solution, because the software is only as good as the processes it is automating. If a process is broken or the structure of an area of your business isn’t working efficiently, automating it won’t fix it. This truism applies to you no matter where you’re coming from: implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, upgrading your current system, or re-evaluating your current system because your business has changed or grown. It is crucial to identify these areas so your solution can be successfully implemented, but more importantly, so it will achieve your organization’s goals and bring real business value. Otherwise, we don’t consider the solution to be a successful one.   

Our team is thoroughly trained and experienced in analyzing businesses, mapping goals to processes and technology, designing solutions, and determining what needs to be done to get those solutions implemented and helping you run your business more effectively. We use a logical methodology designed to be thorough yet efficient, so you can get the right solution in place, with as little disruption to daily operations as possible.

It starts with goals and asking “why?”
Our definition of business process improvement involves making recommendations on what you need to do to get the most from your Dynamics NAV solution. To ensure it delivers on its promises, we need to be sure that any aspect of your business that touches it—not only at processes, but also hierarchies, rules, people who make it all happen—is going to contribute to and not hinder the overall solution. Each Dynamics implementation has unique constraints, risks, and requirements that must be considered when identifying a solution or solution components.

As we work on these recommendations, we use your goals as our guide—if a process, rule, or other area isn’t supporting your goals, or if it will impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your solution, we’re going to ask why it’s there.  

Recommendations and next steps
Once we have mapped your business processes and goals, we can then make recommendations on the best use of Dynamics NAV for your business. Dynamics NAV is one of the most flexible ERP solutions on the market today, and we want to help you capitalize on that to get the best fit possible. Your solution must meet your technology and functionality needs, but it must also fit the unique characteristics of your company. Once we’ve reviewed our recommendations with you, we’re ready to help put them into action, establishing a thorough plan and benchmarks and working alongside you until you see results. With these changes in place, we’re ready to build and implement a solution that will bring the best possible value to your organization.

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