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ArcherPoint performance tuning and optimization services

A business solution depends on a powerful engine, and taking care of that engine can mean the difference between smooth operations and constant frustration. If you are running Microsoft SQL Server with your Dynamics NAV solution—or if you’re considering upgrading or purchasing Dynamics NAV—ArcherPoint can help you set up and optimize your system to ensure peak performance and address any issues you might be having with your current system.

Performance tuning process

Through research and experience working with some of the largest deployments in existence, we have created a simple, four-step process to tackle virtually any SQL performance challenge or help new clients start off on the right foot.

System Health Check – During this step, we look at the hardware (the server machine as well as the storage system), the operating system, and the SQL Server setup parameters. Our goal for this step is to review your infrastructure to make sure that it is set up according to general best practices. We report on our findings and make recommendations where necessary.

Database Maintenance – Databases on SQL Server need to be maintained. SQL Server uses internal system statistics and indexes to read and write data, and it is important that they are properly maintained. We review the maintenance on your database and make sure that it is put together properly.

Index Tuning – Each time data is added, modified, or removed from any table in the database, SQL Server updates all the indexes that are related to those tables. Due to the application’s design, NAV databases all have indexes that are actually never used on SQL Server. Updating these unused indexes uses valuable system resources that can cause severe performance problems. We use a simple approach to index tuning. We log actual index usage in your production database, and, based on actual usage numbers, we then disable indexes that are never used.

Code Review – Performance issues can also be caused by the application objects themselves. The order in which tables are locked, the use of inefficient code constructs, and the use of certain programming keywords are examples of things that can all contribute to slow performing application objects. Code review can be very time consuming with no guaranteed results. Because of its unpredictable nature, this is done as a last resort.

Performance tools

ArcherPoint also offers dedicated SQL performance improvement tools for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from SQL Perform:

Perform-Maintenance – Ensures proper set-up, optimal performance, and a properly maintained back-end database.

Perform-Tracking – Collects important data and proactively shows the impact of changes and growth on your system and your business.

Perform-Analysis – Assists in tuning your system to achieve optimum performance, giving you the most efficient resolution to system bottlenecks.

NAV SQL Procedure Management – Improves performance on SQL Server by creating, utilizing, and managing T-SQL statements and procedures directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.