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ERP Project Management

An Agile Approach to Implementing Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Solution

We are always asking ourselves if there is a better way to do what we do…how we can deliver more value with every client engagement. That is why we started rethinking how ERP projects are implemented and became one of the first in our industry to adopt agile methods. Regardless of size, number of sites, and where in the world we’ve deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we’ve had some very impressive results.

Why is agile project management better?

What is the difference between Waterfall and Agile project management? And how can Agile help ensure project success better than Waterfall?

Watch this short video from ArcherPoint to see how Agile can help keep your ERP deployment responsive to changing business requirements, ensuring you get the most business value for the time and money spent.

The agile adaptive framework is built around the reality of project implementation: Regardless of how carefully you plan or how airtight the approach is, a project plan cannot account for every unanticipated event and requirements will change throughout the lifecycle of projects because business and markets change.

But the agile framework is also built around opportunities. Because business and markets are always changing, there are always opportunities to take advantage of these dynamics, and the agile approach makes it possible to do so, even in the middle of a project implementation—and that means adding value.

The agile adaptive framework uses an iterative approach that involves your organization early on in the process, and keeps you involved throughout the project. Each iteration provides the opportunity for both your organization and the project team to assess progress and determine if adjustments are warranted. This approach results in mitigated risks, significantly higher project success rates, and, most importantly, maximized business value—much more value than traditional methods.

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