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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades

Looking to upgrade?

Find out what Dynamics NAV 2018 can do for your company.

We understand your hesitation when it comes to upgrading your NAV system. Many fear that upgrading will be complicated, cost too much, interrupt operations, and so forth. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We want to put your fears to rest. We operate under the notion that upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) should be a non-event, and we’ve proven it more than 100 times in the last five years alone. 

Myths Surrounding Dynamics NAV Upgrades 

Some common misunderstandings about upgrading:

“...given the go live was so much easier than the normal go live..."
- Williams Valve Corporation

  • My NAV database is too customized. Customizations should have little to nothing to do with upgrading if it is done correctly, and with the right tools. Your customizations will come forward into your new NAV version.
  • My NAV database is too large. Though the size of a NAV database does lead to certain challenges, we have successfully upgraded databases that are over a Terabyte in size. Our arsenal of tools to aid in data migration recently reduced a 42-day data migration to approximately four hours.
  • My version of NAV is too old to upgrade. No version of NAV or Navision is too old to upgrade. We will create a personalized upgrade plan to address the unique characteristics of your current version.
  • It’s better to do upgrades by hand instead of using upgrade tools. A well-executed upgrade for NAV should be largely automated and rely as much as possible on the Microsoft-supplied upgrade tools. It is impossible for a developer to review millions of lines of code by hand and hope that human error and fatigue doesn’t play a major factor in the resulting upgrade.
  • I use kitting extensively, and it’s not available in the new versions. While certain applications, like kitting, have been removed, there are new ways to handle the business functionality. Assemblies are the new way of doing kitting, and we’ve upgraded many companies who use kitting to assemblies without difficulties.
  • Any NAV Developer can do upgrades. This is probably the single biggest reason that many NAV upgrades take too long, cost too much, are never completed, or result in serious post go-live issues. Upgrades are different from other development projects in nearly every way. The requirements, methodology, tools, and the professionals who plan and execute them should be tailored to the single goal of a successful upgrade. Our upgrade team has over 10 years of experience in doing upgrades. We are upgrade specialists.  

ArcherPoint Knows About Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades

Ultimately, the success of an upgrade depends on the partner you choose. At ArcherPoint we:

  • have dedicated resources with the experience of doing a large number of upgrades
  • have a deep understanding of the tools needed
  • use proven Agile Project Methodology
  • have Quality Assurance built into the data migration and upgrade process
  • recommend and optionally set up your new NAV infrastructure platform
  • show you the new features you should take advantage of in your new version
  • determine which reports you are currently using in your database
  • deliver true RDLC Reports from your current reports, not a non-upgradable object, or a report that requires an additional license to be able to use it
  • have an international team that provides while-you-sleep support
  • commit a dedicated project team who will be with you even after you go live on your new NAV version to offer technical advice and enhancements as needed.

We take pride in our excellent reputation for smooth execution of upgrades, regardless of industry or complexity. Our upgrade teams are staffed according to the needs of your organization to coordinate and manage your NAV or Navision upgrade from start to completion. We also include key employees from your organization to ensure clear communication and efficient collaboration. Our carefully designed upgrade methodology utilizes the Microsoft Upgrade Toolkit, the Microsoft Data Conversion/Migration tool, code comparison tools, in-house developed migration and quality tools, and proven practices and procedures.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. When you upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018, you can take advantage of new features, platform, and fixes to previous versions. Dynamics NAV 2018 delivers breakthrough innovations in the functional and technical aspects of the software, in deployment options (Mobile Client, Web Client, SharePoint client, etc.), Azure deployment (you may never have to buy a server again), refined Role Tailored capabilities, secure web service calls, bank integration, Office 365 integration, Business Intelligence and Reporting, and much more. The software and in-deployment options, such as a Web Client, SharePoint client, Azure, refined RoleTailored capabilities, secure web service calls, bank integration, Office 365 integration, and more. 

Upgrading also helps you stay in compliance with business regulations, increase your productivity by applying advanced software technology, enhance security to protect your data, and provide opportunities to grow and expand your business. The result: lower costs, more opportunities, and a more competitive position.  

Get Started with Your Micorsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Dynamics NAV New Subscription Plan Offering

An Upgrade Subscription Plan for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP offers your company:

•Timely updates and fixes
•New features faster
•Always knowing what your upgrade will cost with fixed fee monthly pricing
•Moving upgrade expenses from CAPEX to OPEX

Learn more about the ArcherPoint upgrade process for Dynamics NAV on premises.

Talk to ArcherPoint today about how your business can benefit from an upgrade.

Read more about ArcherPoint’s upgrade methodology.


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