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Navision 2017 Features and Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, the latest Dynamics NAV version, brings two worlds together with the integration of NAV and Office 365 with embedded Power BI. From setup and configuration, to Finance, Jobs, CRM, and Items, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 has enhanced the core application and platform significantly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 creates new opportunities for success with E-everything, Cortana Intelligence, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Extensions. Microsoft's move towards cloud-based functionality with Dynamics NAV 2017, opens a whole new world of possibilities.

What’s new in Dynamics NAV 2017

Setup and Configuration

With Dynamics NAV 2017, you’ll get up and running faster. The assisted setup wizard can guide you through a variety of configuration options – workflows for approvals, fiscal calendar, US sales tax, adjust cash flow forecasting, and more – saving time and streamlining your tasks.

User Experience

Dynamics NAV 2017 was developed with the end user in mind. The browser-based interface, for example, allows for multiple view options so one can see and identify records in a variety of ways. The in-context notifications, web client, and overall client enhancements make Dynamics NAV 2017 a very user-friendly product.

Office 365

Dynamics NAV 2017 is directly linked to Office 365, and includes a variety of add-ins to make your work more efficient. Now you can navigate seamlessly between Dynamics NAV data and Office tools enabling effortless review, analysis, and sharing of data with colleagues in all parts of your business. You can sync contacts from Office 365 People, create customer invoices from Outlook appointments, and import attachments from emails, all with just a few clicks.

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence

Power BI is embedded in Dynamics NAV 2017 and allows for sophisticated yet simple dashboard creation, report generation, and easy sharing. Cortana Intelligence takes advantage of historical data and improves insights into predicted sales, forecasting, and inventory management. Together, PowerBI & Cortana Intelligence can help your organization turn cluttered data into powerful, actionable insights.


Dynamics NAV 2017 comes with ready-to-use financial statements that provide valuable and easily accessible insights into the financial performance of your business. The default Account Schedules and Account Categories provide easy to produce insightful reports and point-in-time reporting for accurate and timely financial information.


The Jobs module within Dynamics NAV 2017 has been simplified and allows for easier project management, and provides more visibility into the details of your projects. By using the Jobs Setup wizard, you can quickly and easily access tasks, charts, and the Project Manager role center.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 streamlines the CRM experience and enhances the process of integrating to CRM online. The CRM Setup wizard guides you through the set-up process which enables seamless coupling of Microsoft Dynamics CRM records with Microsoft Dynamics NAV records.


With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 you can easily create custom item attributes and assign an item attribute value, per your business needs, managing items and helping to create sales documents.


E-everything is a part of Dynamics NAV 2017 and includes hyperlinks to payment services which allows for customers to pay invoices online, and supports multiple ways of accepting payments including credit cards and PayPal accounts.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

The dashboard and reports provided as part of the PowerApps are built on top of a full-featured model, allowing you to explore and analyze data as needed. The automatic refresh ensures you are always seeing the latest data. With Microsoft Flow, you can track and automate tasks so you can work less and do more. For example, you can create a flow to automatically send a push notification or email when a lead is added to your system. Or you can trigger an approval process workflow when an employee fills out a vacation request on SharePoint.

Dynamics NAV 2017 Product Overview

Dynamics NAV 2017 product capabilities span a multitude of disciplines. From Financials, to Manufacturing, to Supply Chain, and more, Dynamics NAV 2017 has the product capabilities you need to run your business. For a full description of the on-premises and cloud-based product capabilities of Dynamics NAV 2017, you may want to download this handy guide.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Starter Pack Functionality includes tools for:

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Configuration and Development

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 offers an Extended Pack Functionality that includes extra tools for:

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Configuration and Development

Dynamics NAV 2017 Pricing

The first question that many companies ask when preparing to select and implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution such as Dynamics NAV, is, how much is this going to cost? Well, the answer can be quite different depending on your company's specific requirements, how you wish to deploy (on premise, subscription, or hosted), and of course how many users, just to name a few variables that will impact your cost. Check out our pricing page to gain a better understanding of the variables.

Microsoft offers two pricing options:

  • Perpetual Licensing which is designed to help small and midsize businesses get started with an affordable Dynamics NAV/ERP solution. In this pricing model, customers pay an upfront fee then own the software.
  • Service Provider’s Subscription Licensing on the other hand, is a hosted solution. You do not purchase the software upfront, but instead subscribe and pay monthly.

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